“Strategic Advantage Through Environmental Solutions”


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C40 - Developed recommendations for US mayors on what to advocate for from the Biden administration and Congress to help cities become carbon neutral, and created an advocacy toolkit.

The InterAction Council -- Researched and wrote major paper and delivered expert presentation on marine plastic pollution and the connections to climate change and human and planetary health.  (The InterAction Council is composed of former heads of state committed to taking action on some of humanity's most pressing problems, including climate change, nuclear proliferation and refugees.  Members include Oscar Arias, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Vicente Fox, Bertie Ahern, Jerry Rawlings, and Viktor Yushenko.)

Pew Charitable Trusts - Served as an expert reviewer on three reports about corporate actions to reduce plastic waste.  

IDEO/Closed Loop Partners/Starbucks/McDonalds -- Mentored suppliers in the Starbucks/McDonalds "NextGen Cup Challenge," a sustainable design and material and chemical innovation project to eliminate plastic waste by reinventing the "disposable" cup.

The Elders/Christensen Global Strategies -- Co-authored recommendations on how The Elders can help accelerate climate change mitigation, prevent violence related to natural resource conflicts, restore environmental services, and reduce poverty. (The Elders was founded by Nelson Mandela and is composed of world statespeople, including Jimmy Carter, Ban Ki-Moon and Gro Harlem Brundtland, working to solve some of the world's most pressing, interconnected problems.) 

White House Council on Environmental Quality -- Developed President Clinton's twenty-fifth anniversary report to Congress on environmental trends.

National Science Foundation/Brown University - As Executive Director, engaged over 35 countries in creating a functional international ecological research network to share data and identify global trends.  Developed budget and legal infrastructure. Led participatory stakeholder process to produce strategic, operations, funding, communications and evaluation plans.  Comparable to launching a start-up.

Embassy of Ecuador/Galapagos Conservancy Foundation -- Served as interim Executive Director and helped establish the Foundation.

Hewlett Packard -- Provided strategic guidance on climate policy, stakeholder engagement and participation in Governor Schwarzenegger's global climate summit and his UNFCCC delegation.

Clinton Global Initiative -- Served on climate and energy team at the annual conferences; co-developed agendas; moderated roundtable discussions among leading climate scientists, policymakers and industry leaders.

The World Economic Forum/Booz Allen & Hamilton -- Developed climate change science, policy and technology status report and formulated climate policy recommendations for the automobile industry.

California Environmental Voters (formerly California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV)) - provided expertise to inform its Policy Roadmap -- recommendations for legislators and other community leaders on state climate policy. Reviewed and edited sections including toxics and pollution chapter, covering needed changes in the oil and gas, plastics, waste, air qualilty and drinking water sectors.


374 Water – Wrote a white paper on the global PFAS challenge and a framework for action to address it (with Dave Grossman, Green Light Consulting).


Carbon180 (formerly The Center for Carbon Removal) -- Coordinated with California governor's office, state and city agencies, and members of the Global Climate Action Summit advisory committee to develop strategy and content for the Center's VIP carbon removal event at the Summit. 


Ipas - In conjunction with The Freimuth Group, conducted a landscape assessment and developed strategic recommendations for establishing a climate justice program at Ipas, an international reproductive justice and gender equity organization. Determined the most effective role that Ipas could play at the intersection of climate change, conservation, and reproductive health, rights and services, and identified potential partners, owing to the fact that women and girls are disproportionately impacted by climate-related disasters.   


 The Energy Foundation -- Supported implementation of the Foundation's Coal Match experiment, a partnership with the Hewlett Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, other funders and the Sierra Club to fund work on retiring US coal plants, preventing construction of coal-export infrastructure, and pressing for strong EPA regulations on emissions from new and existing coal plants.

The Energy Foundation -- Conducted extensive California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB-32) stakeholder scoping effort (legislature, administration, environmental groups, environmental justice advocates, & business); determined each group's educational needs in order to craft optimal implementation policies.

The California Wind Energy Association (CalWEA) -- Advised CalWEA on rationale and strategy for its involvement in developing California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB-32) implementation policies.  Built relationships with stakeholders to advance policy goals. Achieved primary policy goal (33% Renewable Portfolio Standard in State's implementation plan.)

The Climate Action Reserve/Climate Registry - Provided organizational development advice and strategic guidance on state, national and international climate policy and UN engagement.  Represented Registry as member of California Governor Schwarzenegger's delegation to the UN climate negotiations. Received award for contribution to the organization.

The Union of Concerned Scientists -- Provided recommendations on developing an integrated research program on how climate change exacerbates competition for land (i.e., agriculture, energy, biofuels, forests, water, development, and conservation).  Researched peer institutions' efforts and identified existing knowledge gaps, fruitful potential areas for UCS work, potential partners and likely funding sources.  

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) -- Developed strategic outreach plan and mobilized legislative and business support for the renewable energy, energy efficiency, pollution prevention, habitat protection and water conservation provisions of the 2008 Farm Bill.

Natural Resources Defense Council -- Developed strategic outreach plans for two NRDC-led coalitions' successful effort to gain public, business-sector and government support for California marine protected areas.

Stand.earth (formerly ForestEthics) -- Developed strategies and conducted outreach to state legislators, state and federal agencies and environmental leaders to prevent additional crude oil imports to California from the Ecuadorian Amazon and help prevent destruction of 7 million acres of intact rainforest and Indigenous communities through new drilling.

Procter & Gamble -- Identified global partners for corporate sustainable development business model and new products.

Conoco, Inc. -- Identified profitable sustainable development projects.

Corporate EcoForum (CEF) -- Led panel on strategic partnerships and facilitated C-level roundtables for CEF, the invitation-only membership organization for large companies that demonstrate a serious commitment to environment as a business strategy issue.

International Forum on Globalization/The Energy Foundation -- Provided strategic guidance and prepared report on linking the U.S. clean tech industry's market expansion needs to developing countries' demands in the U.N. climate negotiations for technology transfer.

United Nations World Environment Day/Mitsubishi Corporation --Developed, organized and hosted leadership symposium on energy conservation, renewable energy, and climate change.

World Climate Summit/Christensen Global Strategies -- Developed strategy, corporate participation and programming for the World Climate Summit and Gigaton Awards - the UNFCCC-sanctioned global business events that take place concurrently with the UN climate treaty negotiations to increase financing and deployment of clean technologies.

Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) -- Developed briefing for Senate Environment & Public Works Committee on the American economic recovery potential of clean technologies and green business.

The Cleantech Group LLC & Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) -- Co-researched and co-authored "Cleantech 2009: The Emergence of a Low Carbon Economy."

The Tech Awards/The Tech Museum/Applied Materials - connected Tech Award laureates with funding and other resources to help launch their technology innovations. The awards program honors innovators from around the world who use technology to benefit humanity. 

National Academy of Public Administration -- Evaluated federal environmental reinvention initiatives; co-authored report to Congress on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Chinese Academy of Sciences -- Researched sustainable agriculture and energy; published article on biogas energy generation.

UNICEF -- Researched sustainable agriculture and forestry in Asia, Africa, Latin America.

Oxfam America/David Gardiner & Associates -- Identified the issues critical to assessing the economic and social impacts of fair trade and environmental certification programs on coffee workers in Central America.

Sample Community Development Projects -- Developed ecotourism program, China; led community development project, Kenya; helped Mexican communities increase income from environmental micro-enterprise projects